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AUG 25/2020

So You’re Thinking of Becoming a Care Worker?

So you’re thinking of becoming a care worker? Discover what skills and qualities you’ll need to become a first-rate care worker and what roles you’ll undertake in your new career. 

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AUG 20/2020

Identifying and Preventing Elderly Malnutrition - How Can Homecare Workers Help?

Malnutrition is a real issue in the UK. It's estimated that around one in ten people over the age of 65 are malnourished or are at risk of malnutrition. So who is at risk and what can we do in Homecare to aid prevention? 

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AUG 11/2020

Why Your Business Should Consider Arranging Flu Vaccinations for Staff Now

Did you know that flu is estimated to cost the UK economy £29 billion every year? It can affect businesses of all sizes, causing staff absences of up to three weeks per person. Find out how to protect your business this winter.

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AUG 06/2020

Four Reasons That Used to Put me off the Idea of Working as a Locum Doctor

Interested in working as a locum doctor but not sure if it’s for you? One of our current doctors used to have doubts about locum work; discover what made him change his mind. 

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JUN 22/2020

Life As A PIP Assessor: Interviews With Three Nurses

Working as a healthcare professional can be rewarding, but what if you fancy taking your career in another direction? One route to consider is that of a Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessor. 

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MAY 22/2020

Reflecting on a Global Pandemic - A Month in the Life of a COVID-19 Agency Nurse

Want to know what life is like for an agency nurse during a global pandemic? Read about a month in the life of Sam, a Medacs Healthcare agency nurse, as she handles COVID-19 cases on the NHS front-line.  

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MAY 15/2020

Five Steps to Improving Your Mental Wellbeing

With life for everyone feeling a little crazy at the moment, maintaining your mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever. Luckily, NHS research suggests that there are steps we can all take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. With reflections from our very own mental health nurse and resident mental health blogger, Christopher Bye, here are five simple steps healthcare professionals can take to help make the most out of life at this challenging time...

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FEB 25/2020

How to Progress Your Career Working as a Prison Nurse

Did you know working as a prison nurse is an ideal way to progress your nursing career? Learn more about how prison nursing can help if you are a nurse eagerly seeking career progression.

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FEB 06/2020

Life Working on a Cruise Ship – Visiting the Caribbean

Interested in working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean? Discover what you can expect as a doctor, nurse or paramedic, including the best places to visit while off duty in the Caribbean.

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JAN 06/2020

Life Working on a Cruise Ship – Visiting Australia and New Zealand

Interested in working on a cruise ship? Discover what you can expect when you work on an Australia and New Zealand cruise, including the best places to visit in Australia and New Zealand.

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