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Health Assessments Division

Within our disability/health assessment services division, we coordinate and undertake disability assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Within our disability/health assessment services division, we coordinate and undertake disability assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). As a very clinically-focused division, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, compliant service, whilst ensuring that all client contractual KPIs are met.

Typical roles within this division

There’s different types of roles available within our health assessment services division that include:


As an Administrator, you will provide operational support that will include taking and managing all telephone enquiries and booking all necessary appointments. 

Clinical Assessor

As a Clinical Assessor you will undertake Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments and examinations required for the DWP. Your primary role will be to analyse and interpret clinical information and evidence to provide a concise report.

Clinical Delivery Manager

As a Clinical Delivery Manager you will have overall responsibility for the Clinical Management Team, ensuring change management and service delivery standards are maintained. 

Clinical Support Lead

As a Clinical Support Lead you will have responsibility for a full team of health professionals and Clinical Coaches. 


As a Coordinator you will ensure availability of clinical staff to undertake required assessments, and support with admin requirements.

Recruitment Coordinator

As a Recruitment Coordinator you will support the team’s recruitment and onboarding process by assisting with pre-screening, arranging interviews and compliance checks.

Service Delivery Assistant

As a Service Delivery Assistant you will ensure that all requirements of client contracts are met, and provide support to the Service Delivery Manager by doing MI analysis, trends and reports for clients.

Service Delivery Manager

As a Service Delivery Manager you will be responsible for client contractual requirements, ensuring that all KPIs are achieved within the required timescales.

Working in our Health Assessment Services division

The culture within our Health Assessment Services division is a positive, collaborative culture, comprising of around 80 staff on full and part-time contracts. Teams operate on a hybrid working model, working some days from home, and other times at one of our office branches. We provide our staff great work flexibility, where they can work flexible hours and are able to choose a shift pattern that suits their lifestyle and personal commitments.

Our clinical assessment teams are able to undertake telephone assessments and face-to-face assessments, depending on the needs of our clients. Whether assessments are conducted over the phone or face-to-face, we ensure that our services and all assessment reports are of high quality, and support each other to achieve that. To reward our staff for high quality, we provide monthly and quarterly bonuses, and a monthly commission structure for certain roles.

All of our Clinical Assessors have the necessary government body registrations, qualifications and experience before joining our team, so are likely to have nursing, paramedic or occupational therapy experience. In our operations side of the division (e.g. Administrators and Service Delivery Assistants), there’s less compliance requirements needed before joining the team.

Career advancement opportunities 

We’ve developed great career pathways to help guide all of our staff to reach their full potential and work towards taking the next steps in their careers.

Within our clinical pathway, Clinical Assessors are able to grow and develop into Clinical Coaches, taking charge of training and supporting a Disability Assessor team. From there, our clinical staff generally move on to become Clinical Support Leads, and then into Clinical Delivery Manager roles.

On the operational side of the division, our Administrators are able to work their way up to Coordinator roles, who then generally move on to becoming Service Delivery Assistants, then Service Delivery Managers.