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Overseas Nursing Recruitment Workshop II

Diversifying International Nursing Workforces – New Talent Pool Insights
Weds 22 September; 10.00am

In this workshop we discuss and explore:

  • The impact of the pandemic on international nursing recruitment
  • Specific detail on imminent government funding support
  • Post ‘Code-of-Practice’ changes to NHS recruitment – reasons to grow a
    more diverse nursing workforce
  • New regions with supply potential – revisiting progress with fresh global
    talent pools
  • Onboarding only’ procurement routes and support with direct recruitment
  • Specialty-based recruitment strategies (mental health, paeds, midwives

Post-workshop you should have:

  • A more informed understanding of the need for, and benefits of building a
    diverse nursing workforce and recruiting from new regions
  • Insights into available funding, new global talent pools, ‘onboarding only’
    support and current challenges sourcing specialist nurses and midwives


Simona Bertolo - Head of International Recruitment

Abbeygail Beck - Business Development Manager

Guest Panel of Industry Experts

  • Deputy Head of International Workforce from the Department of Health
    and Social Care
  • Workforce Lead from NHS England and Improvement
  • Head of Strategy from the OET