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JUN 27/2016

Working in Singapore – an interview with a doctor from India

A multicultural melting-pot of nationalities and faiths, Singapore is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable global locations for professionals looking for that challenge overseas. 


And when you throw in the favourable climate, spectacular urban vistas and varied social offering, it’s easy to see why. Singapore also boasts one of the world’s most efficient and advanced healthcare services, which makes it a particularly attractive proposition for doctors looking to increase their experience and expand their international outlook. 
We interviewed Dr Narahari Myaka, an ENT surgeon trained in India (CMC Vellore) about his experience of working in Singapore.  
20160514_181731.jpgDr Narahari Myaka relocated to Singapore from India for a two-year contract at Khoo Teck Hospital, a newly built 590 bed facility with a team of over ten multilingual otolaryngology specialists. Dr Narahari Myaka himself speaks four languages, including Hindi and Tamil and has had a distinguished career path, graduating from the Christian Medical College in Vellore and going on to study Otorhinolaryngology at Srivenkateshwara  Medical College in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh. He went on to complete the prestigious DNB exam in ENT in Delhi and worked as an ENT surgeon in various hospitals in Hyderabad city before starting a placement with Medacs Healthcare in Singapore. 
Moving to Singapore
He explains why he made the move: 
"I always had an ambition to gain experience in a more developed country, progress my expertise in the field of ENT and also to earn more money to support my family in Hyderabad.”
Dr Narahari Myaka was appointed as Resident Physician in Khoo Teck Hospital’s ENT department and in July 2015 received a ‘service champion award’ for his work. His role entailed looking after outpatients and inpatients, attending all emergency calls and assisting operating theatre staff. 
A typical day
We asked Dr Narahari Myaka to describe a typical day in Singapore:
“In Singapore every day is a typical day. We start at 7.30am with ward rounds and then break for coffee and breakfast when all of us sit together including the head of department, consultants and senior registrars. Then we have clinics until 1pm and break up for lunch – which again we all have together. By 5pm everything is done. Only the on-call person stays late.”
Healthcare system
Dr Narahari Myaka goes on to explain how the healthcare systems differ from those he is used to back home: 
“In Singapore it’s very systematic and highly professional, with care properly executed at each level. The patient-doctor relationship is amazing and patients seem to have a very high understanding of their conditions and what treatment paths they can expect. Obviously treatment costs are very different, in Singapore healthcare is much more expensive than in India.” 
At present, only doctors graduating from a select list of medical colleges in India are eligible to work in Singapore. The Christian Medical College in Vellore is one such institution and has an enviable reputation as one of the top medical colleges in India. As a bright student who achieved a state ranking of ninth in secondary school, Dr Narahari Myaka was lucky enough to be selected to undertake his medical schooling at CMC Vellore and says he is proud to be an alumnus of the college. We asked him if he would recommend working in Singapore to fellow alumni members and his response was overwhelmingly positive:  
“If any doctors in India are thinking of working overseas I feel Singapore is by far the best place. The skills and experience you get there will assure your future. Of course the salaries are very good but there are other benefits too such as fixed working hours and weekends off”.
He also found the people friendly and welcoming: 
“Singapore people are really good, down to earth with great hospitality. I never once felt like I was working in a foreign country – it felt like a home away from home. I love Singapore, especially the way so many people from different religious backgrounds work and live together in harmony”.
Back in India
20160530_112244.jpgDr Narahari Myaka is now back in India with his wife and children in Telangana state, which he describes as ‘the most happening state in India’. He says he rates the service he received from the Medacs Healthcare team in Singapore as ‘10/10’ and says Marlin and Liza gave him excellent support, helping him with every stage of his relocation. 
For more information about working as a doctor in Singapore, please email or visit this page:

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