Allied Health Professionals FAQs

Are you an allied health professional in need of guidance? At Medacs Healthcare, we strive to offer all of our locum AHPs the very best service possible, and that includes supporting you to deliver outstanding care by answering your questions.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions that arise for locum AHPs. Simply click on a question to view the answer.

Why am I not being paid for travel/mileage?

In order to be paid for travel, details of your travel/mileage claim must be stated on your timesheet. Failure to provide this information could lead to delays in payment.

Please note, receipts must be provided for any non-mileage claims.

I am registered with the HCPC/GPHC/GDC, but I have no UK experience; can you still find me work?

Unfortunately not, as you must have a minimum of four weeks’ work experience in the UK before we can find you work as a locum AHP.

What documentation do I need to submit?

In order to complete your registration, we require the following documents:

  • HPC/GPHC/GDC Registration and Certificate of Entry
  • Proof of identification (e.g. Passport or EU ID Card) UK visa (For non-EU citizens)
  • Immunisation records status & proof of immunity 
    • Hepatitis B (&Titre Level)
    • Measles immunity
    • RubellaVaricella
    • Tuberculosis
    • Hepatitis B SAG (EPP only)
    • Hepatitis C (EPP only)
    • HIV Test (EPP only)
  • Proof of address
  • Name change document (if applicable)
  • Two passport photos
  • DBS & police check (enhanced will be carried out by Medacs Healthcare)
  • Overseas police check (if living outside of the UK for a period of 12 months or more)
  • Certificates of qualifications (i.e. Basic Qualifications and Higher Qualifications)
  • Life Support Certificate
  • CV 10 years working history, (three years’ work referencing)
  • Mandatory Training Certificates which include the following (Medacs Healthcare provide online training):
    • Caldicott Protocols/Information Governance
    • Complaints Handling COSHH and RIDDOR
    • HTE Infection prevention and control, including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile Level 2
    • Basic Life Support training (practical)
    • Manual Handling/Moving and Handling Level 2 (practical)
    • Lone Worker
    • Mental Captivity Act (for those working in mental health)
    • Counter Fraud
    • Fire Safety Conflict Resolution or Handling of Violence and Aggression
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Health, Safety and Welfare
    • Preventing Radicalisation Level 3Safeguarding Adults Level 3
    • Safeguarding Children Level 3

*Please note, Medacs Healthcare can provide any mandatory training required.

While this may seem like a lot, we do have experienced staff who will guide you through the process and meet with you to collect and verify your documentation.

My original qualification certificate is overseas, and I only have a copy with me in the UK; can I still work as a locum AHP?

Yes, however, please be aware that it is a requirement of NHS Framework that we hold verified copies of all your qualifications. Please discuss this with your recruitment consultant as a disclaimer can be accepted.

I have been registered with Medacs Healthcare in the past; do I need to submit all of my original documents again?
If you have worked with Medacs Healthcare in the past, not all of your original documentation will be needed again. We only require those that have expired.

Should you need assistance in updating your documents, please contact our Compliance Team.
Do you help with the cost of the DBS?

Yes. Please speak to your recruitment consultant for more information.

All of my banking statements and utility bills are in my partner's name; other than my passport, I have nothing to send. What should I do?

There are many other addressed documents that we can accept. These include:

  • Store card statements
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Addressed payslips
  • DBS Disclosure Certificate (issued by another body dated within the last 12 months)

If you are struggling to provide an addressed document, contact your registration officer who will be able to provide further suggestions.

I have a photo card driver's license; can this be used as an identification document to complete my registration?

A photo card driver’s license can only be used as part of your application if it holds your current address.

I have misplaced my original DBS Disclosure; can you provide me with another copy?

It is possible to obtain a copy from the Disclosure and Barring Service within 28 days of the original issue date. After this time, a copy will no longer be available.

Due to DBS guidelines, Medacs Healthcare is unable to provide you with a copy.

I'm currently renewing my indemnity insurance; can I submit an old certificate in the meantime?

Yes. However, you must forward your new certificate once you have received it.

Why am I not being paid for travel/mileage?

In order to be paid for travel, details of your travel/mileage claim must be stated on your timesheet. Failure to provide this information could lead to delays in payment.

Please note, receipts must be provided for any non-mileage claims.

My Occupational Health Department/GP is unwilling to carry out the tests required for registration; how can I arrange for these tests to be carried out?

Please contact your recruitment consultant/registration officer for information on organisations able to facilitate tests required for registration.

Is my colleague able to verify my TB scar?

Due to NHS Framework requirements, only designated signatories are authorised to verify your scar.

Why am I being asked for immunisation against measles when it isn't necessary to work within the NHS?

Guidelines differ slightly for AHPs who work full-time in the NHS. Due to the nature of locum work (i.e. working at numerous trusts), locum AHPs are more at risk from infection and, therefore, must be immunised.

Why am I not being paid for travel/mileage?

In order to be paid for travel, details of your travel/mileage claim must be stated on your timesheet. Failure to provide this information could lead to delays in payment.

Please note, receipts must be provided for any non-mileage claims.

How many hours will I work?

One of the advantages of locum work is that you can decide how many hours you work each week.

The average full-time position will consist of 37.5 hours a week with some positions offering additional on-calls hours. We also offer a wide range of ad hoc day, evening and/or weekend shifts.

What should I do if I'm interested in a locum position?

When you find a locum position that interests you, notify your recruitment consultant. They will be able to discuss the role with you in more detail, including providing you with a general overview of the job, pay, accommodation, expenses, travel and breaks.

What is the process for submitting me for a locum position?

Once you have confirmed your interest in a role, we will submit your details to the trust/health board detailing your preferences (dates, pay rates, accommodation, etc.). Your details will be submitted alongside those of any other interested parties. Please note, at this point, you will be expected to commit to any position for which you are put forward.

The client has the final say on which AHP is selected for the role. This decision may be based on experience, if you are known to the department, rate of pay and/or references.

How will I know if I have been booked for a locum position?

Once we receive confirmation from the client, we will notify you verbally before following up with written communication. This will confirm details of the booking, where to report to, the rate of pay, timesheet submission process and expected payment date.

Can I put myself forward for more than one job on the same date?

Yes. However, we politely request that you commit to the first job that comes back as the client has spent time reviewing each candidate for the role.

You can withdraw your interest at any time before a decision is made.

I need to cancel a booking; what should I do?

While we do ask for your commitment with each booking you make through Medacs Healthcare, we understand that some circumstances are outside of your control. If you need to cancel a booking, we request that you contact your recruitment consultant, providing as much notice as possible.

What happens if the trust/employer cancels my booking?

In the event that a client cancels a booking, we will call you to explain the reasons and offer you alternate work where possible.

Please be aware, Medacs Healthcare has a policy of not supplying AHPs to hospitals that habitually cancel bookings and each incident is thoroughly investigated.


Why am I not being paid for travel/mileage?

In order to be paid for travel, details of your travel/mileage claim must be stated on your timesheet. Failure to provide this information could lead to delays in payment.

Please note, receipts must be provided for any non-mileage claims.

I've worked 40 hours, yet only been paid for 37.5 hours. Have I been underpaid?

No. This often occurs as a result of mandatory breaks being deducted from your hours as per the trust’s breaks policy. For more information, please consult your confirmation letter.

If you are still unsure, please speak to your recruitment consultant regarding the trust's policies.

I have not received payment into my limited company bank account; what should I do?

Before payment can be released, all timesheets supplied for payment via a limited company must be accompanied by a corresponding invoice. This would need to be supplied from your limited company and should match your timesheet submitted.

Ideally, invoices should be provided at the same time as your timesheet in order to reduce payment delays.

Does Medacs Healthcare offer a self-billing service?

Yes, we do offer a self-billing service. This means we will create a self-bill invoice on behalf of your limited company.

If you are interested in finding out more about self-billing, please contact our Finance Compliance team on +44 (0) 1756 702 226 and select Option 1.

Why have I received a P45 from Medacs Healthcare?

We will issue you with a P45 if you haven’t worked with us in the last 12 weeks. In addition, your payroll record will be closed from the date on which you were last paid. This allows us to keep our records up to date in accordance with HMRC.

You will also receive a P45 if you notify your consultant that you wish to stop working with us.

Should you wish to continue working with Medacs Healthcare, simply contact your recruitment consultant. You will also need to return your P45 to our Finance Compliance team via email.

I require a duplicate payslip as I have not received one from my last locum; what should I do?

If you have not received your latest payslip, contact our Finance Candidate Care Team via email. Alternatively, please call +44 (0) 1756 702 226 and chose Option 2. 

Please note, before contacting us, you should allow up to five working days for receipt of your payslip.

What is a Key Information Document?

A Key Information Document is a two-page document which provides you with details of how any deductions and fees may affect your pay.

This document is designed to help you understand what deductions will be made from your pay, helping you to decide which payment method suits your personal circumstances.

Medacs Healthcare will send you a KID when you first register. Should you ever want to change your method of payment, you will receive a KID relevant to your new payment method.

What information do a Key Information Document include?
  • Basic information about your contract, example pay rates and pay arrangement
  • All statutory and non-statutory (umbrella margin/fee) deductions to be made to your pay
  • Any holiday entitlement and other non-monetary benefits you can expect to receive
  • An example statement to demonstrate the deductions that will be made and how these may affect your take home pay - figures will be estimated and will not reflect the specific rate of pay that you will receive
The rate quoted on my Key Information Document is not my rate of pay; why is this?

The KID does not need to show the exact pay rate that you will receive. It will show an example pay rate. As an allied healthcare professional, Medacs Healthcare has set this example pay rate as £15 per hour. This rate has been chosen to enable Medacs Healthcare to provide you with a working example of how any potential deductions and fees may affect the pay you receive.

It is important to remember that this is an example rate and will not be the rate you will be paid.

I want to work through a specific umbrella; will I receive a Key Information Document specific for that umbrella?

Yes, the KID will show the fee that the umbrella will charge

What happens if I want to change my payment method?

When your payment method is changed on our system, you will receive a KID relevant to your new method of payment. If you have chosen to work through a specific umbrella, you will receive a KID specific to that umbrella.

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