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Dermatologist Jobs

Dermatologists are responsible for diagnosing, treating and prescribing medicines to adults and children with skin conditions and illnesses. Dermatologists work broadly, covering everything from skin cancer to acne and even sometimes hair and nail conditions. Whatever specialty you work in, you’ll be making a big contribution to the well-being of your patients.

Wherever you feel your skills are best placed, Medacs has a full range of temporary and permanent dermatology jobs. So, whatever your circumstances and needs are, you could find your next role with us.

Being a dermatologist

As a dermatologist, you’ll be addressing a broad range of skin concerns. And, unless you’ve chosen to specialise in working with a certain area or with children, your patients will be varied every day. You can expect to address: 

  • Skin cancer
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Severe drug rashes

Besides offering expert advice on matters relating to skin, many dermatologists are also surgeons. As a surgeon, you will likely be asked to carry out jobs such as:

  • Excisions 
  • Rash biopsies
  • UV light therapy
  • Contact dermatitis investigations
  • Cryosurgery for pre-cancerous cells

The role of a dermatologist is wide and varied, but in all the above cases, the care that you provide to your patients will have a significant impact on their happiness and well-being. Because of this, dermatology is a highly rewarding medical speciality to work in.

Beyond diagnosing skin conditions, you’ll also provide effective treatment and follow up with patients after treatment. On a given day, you could find yourself prescribing pills for acne or topical treatments for eczema. After a course of these treatments, you’ll need to check in with the patients to see how they are faring, so you’ll also be taking responsibility for building a strong personal relationship with your patients. 

Qualifications for dermatology jobs

Dermatology is a medical specialty, so you will need to progress through the initial stages of a medical career, before choosing to specialise a little later on. You will first need to complete a medical degree that is recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC), followed by a two-year foundation programme. 

You will then be able to begin training as a dermatologist. Following between five and eight years of additional training, you will then earn your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), allowing you to apply for consultant roles and certifying you as a registered dermatology specialist.

Key dermatology skills

Dermatologists must earn their patients’ trust, so it’s important to have excellent interpersonal skills. At its heart, your role as a dermatologist will be that of a problem solver. You will need to understand the conditions and ailments of your patients, while finding the right treatments and prescriptions as needed.

To that end, you will ideally have:

  • Good communication skills
  • An empathetic demeanour
  • A commitment to improving the well-being of your patients
  • A dedication to cascading knowledge and skills to junior colleagues

Where can dermatology take you?

As a dermatologist, you will be able to grow your career in a few different ways. You may choose, for example, to pursue a career as a dermatology consultant. This is a popular and well-paid route to go down. As a senior consultant, you may be able to become a director of medical education, a training programme director or an associate dean. 

Alternatively, there are other managerial opportunities such as being a clinical lead, clinical director or a medical director that you may feel better suited to. There is also the possibility of pursuing an academic career, combining teaching, research and practice. 

However you choose to specialise, there are many different routes that a career as a dermatologist could take you. There are many different dermatologist jobs you could choose from, so you will be able to choose for yourself which specialism you want to pursue.

What’s next?

We receive over 1,000 new medical roles every day, many of which are dermatologist jobs, so when you choose to find your next role with Medacs, you can be sure that you’re signing up with a leading medical recruitment specialist. With flexible working, daily payrolls and free training all on-hand to support your career, you'll know that whatever role you decide to pursue, you’ll have plenty of support to help you along the way.

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Moving to the UK

We’ve successfully helped place thousands of international medical professionals in roles across the NHS and other sectors. We’re always available to provide support for individuals looking for dermatology jobs in the UK, so if you have any question or concerns, consult our Moving to the UK page for more advice.

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