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How to progress your career as a locum doctor

Being a locum doctor means that you’re able to balance the rewards of treating patients, whilst still being able to work flexibly and in a way that suits you. If you’re looking to advance your career and find your next locum role that supports your career progression, Medacs has a wide range of flexible opportunities available.

What does a locum doctor do?

A locum doctor has many of the same responsibilities as a permanently staffed doctor. But, working on a locum basis, you’ll have more control over the shifts you work and how long your placements are. So, whilst working the shifts that suit you, your responsibilities might include:

  • Conducting physical examinations
  • Administering vaccinations
  • Completing ward rounds
  • Providing emergency care
  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Recommending and checking up on treatment plans
  • Referring patients to specialists

Why choose locum work?

Whilst working as a doctor can be a challenging and rewarding medical career, working on a locum basis allows doctors to have more flexibility in how and where they work, meaning they can choose roles and responsibilities that suit their interests.

Because you’re not tied to a full-time rota and aren’t committed to working in one location permanently, locum work is a great way to gain experience in different medical environments and areas of practice.

How to progress your career as a locum doctor

It’s a common feeling for many locum doctors that due to the often-short-term nature of certain placements, it can be harder to develop their medical careers. However, if you’re considering working as a locum doctor, it’s important to know that these roles can hugely benefit your development and career progression.

Locum work can be very beneficial to doctors who are looking to grow their expertise in certain areas. Often, many junior doctors will take a year out of their training to work on a locum basis in some wards, as this helps to lay the foundation for more specialist development in the future. There are many areas for doctors to work locum, which include accidents and emergencies (A&E), cardiology and gastroenterology.

Locum working can help doctors expand their knowledge of field-specific practices, but arguably most importantly, locum doctors will have real experience of working in a variety of different wards and alongside various colleagues from diverse backgrounds. This practical experience is vital for fuelling your future development as you’ll be acutely aware of how fast paced and changeable real-life medical environments can be.

As locum contracts are more flexible, you’ll also have opportunities to spend time on other development opportunities, such as writing up case reports or carrying out research projects, as well as take up teaching posts.

Whilst it may not always be possible for certain doctors, some medical professionals will even choose to take on locum posts around existing permanent shifts and on weekends to earn more money and gain extra experience.

Why join Medacs as a locum doctor?

Working as a locum doctor is an excellent way to develop your medical career. With Medacs, you’ll have a dedicated consultant that you’ll be in constant contact with. They’ll help you further your career with enrolment on CPD courses that will support you in developing your skills and they will put you forward for medical roles that suit your skills and career goals.

From getting priority access to many locum roles to enhanced pay rates and a wide array of additional benefits, Medacs can help you take the next step in your medical career. 

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